"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

                                                         Henry David Thoreau


Our Design Studio

Welcome to NostalgicUSA test & design studio. This is where we preview ideas and test market our fans' interest in new artwork. We also love to hear your feedback in what you would improve on an idea.


What Are Our Capabilities

Often what artwork fans can buy is limited to what someone can make, buy from another source or the normal ways pieces are made within the art industry. For example, when an artist creates an original piece, it can be sold and also copies can be made, typically printed on either paper and canvas or both.

We don’t have those limitations and can do much more with artwork. We are specialist in color and printing on other more durable media, such as plastics, metals, and wood. Nor are we limited to simple rectangles, squares, and circular shapes. We can create complex shapes, framing and design structures to give more depth and viewing interest. And we are masters at enhance viewing with illumination and lighting effects on any piece.

Take for example this piece, which is made with metal and acrylic, both precisely cut into the shape of the United States map and then back illuminated to give a halo effect around the perimeter.


New Things in Our Studio

Like any artists, we draw inspiration from our fans and what surrounds us. Soon we will start showing artwork concepts on our Facebook page so you can let us know what you think and want. Or you can tell us of an American lifestyle, image or memory you would like to see.

Martini anyone?