The Importance of Nostalgia to Our Lives

For most people the word “nostalgia” conjures up memorable personal associations from the past about something special or meaningful to them, such as a place, a period in time, an event, or other people. More often than not we reminisce with a special fondness or feeling of that memory, wishing we were back in time.

Nostalgia provides a vital role in shaping who we are, what we believe and grounds us to things that have shaped our lives. And they can be powerful triggers when we see the images from the past, even if the past isn’t too long ago. Many would argue that our images are even stronger than the words we read about that moment.

Hard to believe how powerful images can be, here is an example. Let’s say you had a favorite beer you enjoyed soon after you turned 21 years old. If you were to read the formula for the beer, how do you think you would react?

If however, you saw an image of a beer or the brand itself, than what do you think you would recall?