Why American?

 Nostalgic USA Made in USA

Nostalgic USANostaglicUSA celebrates the many things to love about America. Those things recognized around the world as special about the United Sates of America. We capture those uniquely America things- the symbols, the dreams, the ingenuity, the places, the ideas, the people whose sacrifices have made and continue to make America and its culture exceptional and memorable through the artwork, signs and unique décor we offer.

Everything you see on this site is designed, printed, fabricated, assembled, and shipped from within the shores of America. We don’t outsource to faraway places. We use American labor, parts, and suppliers to make all our products.

If you are a passionate about what American means as much as we are, and if it matters to you that your home or office are decorated with things made in America, then you have come to the right place dedicated to all things great about America.  

Why Does "Made in America" Matter?

America’s Industrial Revolution defined the 18th and 19th Centuries in the United States. Economist would say it was the most important event in the history of humanity and impacted every aspect of life. It gave birth to manufacturing, new materials and power systems, numerous inventions, and the modern capitalist system that created a growing standard of living.

Let’s face the whole truth though. Made in America has meant many things since then. Back in days of planned obsolescence in the 20th Century, American made products often were inferior in quality, frankly they were designed to fail and get the consumer to buy more.

That led American companies to leave a big car door open for manufacturers outside the U.S. to sell better made products that were cheaper. Rather than make the U.S. product better and more affordable to compete with foreign manufacturers, many American companies gave up making stuff and went to faraway places to have things made.

Yes, things got cheaper, and cheaper, And things seem to be good for Americans.

Or at least until consumers figured out what they bought often was junk, unsafe, or didn’t work. Just another version of planned obsolesce.

The neat thing about the American spirit is that we are always working to figure things out when a new challenge confronts us. Today the U.S. is experiencing a resurgence of U.S. manufacturing because consumers recognize great quality and affordability can best be bought in America.

What Does “Made in America” Mean Today?

  • High quality standards

  • Good Value for your buck and affordable

  • Safe, non-toxic and meets stringent safety guidelines

  • Made with high ethical standards for workers and customers

  • Reliable service from people you can trust

  • Creating jobs in America

  • A resurgence of American pride and patriotism

  • Green, clean and kind to the planet

  • Cutting edge leadership in products, that are built to last