USA Flag Map- Illuminated "glow" effect border: 36" x 23.9"
USA Flag Map- Illuminated "glow" effect border: 36" x 23.9"

USA Flag Map- Illuminated "glow" effect border: 36" x 23.9"

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Artwork: Beautiful U.S. Flag

    Physical Description

    Made in the USA with American workers who will create yours with high quality and environmentally responsible processes and materials.

    • Size: 36" x 23.9"

    The artwork: One of kind graphic design is fine art quality digital print of the US Flag printed on aluminum sheet and then cut into the shape of the U.S. The U.S Flag is printed using ultra violet curing inks which are environmental safe and also provides fade resistant to preserve the piece’s image quality

    The artwork’s construction: The piece consists of a backing layer of clear acrylic cut into the shape of the U.S.A. We then cut into the acrylic, a continuous channel reset inside the perimeter of the piece where we embed our illumination system. The map’s artwork is printed onto a layer of .024”aluminum which is also cut into the shape of the U.S.A.   The artwork is secured to the acrylic, sealing the lighting channel. The piece is finished with a professional grade picture cable installed and foam cushions on backside to lift the piece about ½” off your wall. This produces a unique glow effect around the outside of the artwork. The intensity of the glow can be lowered or raised with the dimmer switch included with the piece to complement your room’s ambient lighting. Note: the illumination system does not light the face of the artwork.

      Our illumination system: we use LED’s, which consume 80- 90% less energy than traditional light sources and stay cool to the touch. LED lifespan continues to dramatically keep improving. We expect a minimum of 50,000 hours which translates to 8.7 years if left on continuously 24hours /7 days a week. 

        Kind to planet: Our metal is environmentally friendly - made from 98% recycled aluminum. That’s important because recycled aluminum uses only 5% of energy required to create new aluminum. Our aluminum is also sourced in the U.S.A. unlike other signs using new steel, aluminum, or tin sourced from China.

        • For mounting
        • Artwork comes fully assembled and it includes professional grade picture wire pre-installed on back of unit.
        • The unit is easy to install on any wall with any picture fastener for your specific wall type.
        • Hardware: (1) Power Adapter with 6ft cord, on/off switch and dimmer.

          We have made custom units like these to 77” x 42”. So if you want a larger size, please contact us.