Wine Wisdom- Etched Stemless Wine Glass Set

Wine Wisdom- Etched Stemless Wine Glass Set

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Physical Description

Name: Wine Wisdom- Etched Stemless Wine Glass Set

Made in the USA by American crafters who will create your new barware with high quality and environmentally responsible processes and materials.

Size:    Stemless Wine Glass: Holds- 21 oz.; Height- 5”; Set of 4 glasses

The Etching and Glass:

With wine, sometimes comes new insights.  These etched wine glasses share 4 different of those insights.  As you or your guests hold one of our engraved glasses, the craftsmanship will be felt in the depth and detail of the carved artwork in the glass.  Let these glasses speak for you, so there is no self-incrimination later.

Made in the USA by American craft etchers, they meticulously deep carve each glass one at a time to create the finished image.  Their etching results in a lifetime of enjoyment for the most devoted wine lover, no matter how often you enjoy wine, as our etching is a permanent artist glass piece compared to surface printed or laser barware.  You will see we use high quality American produced glass we use, reflected in the glass’ clarity, but also know we buy environmentally responsible. As you savor your next glass of your favorite wine in these, don’t be surprised if you appreciate the wine just a bit more, knowing the sense of enduring Americana created in each glass you hold. They are dishwasher safe too.